Doom and Gloom

There seems to be a lot of “doom and gloom” from my friends and family this week.

Many think the world will end because we reelected Obama.  Apparently, the president is the spawn of the devil himself.  He will drive this country to destruction because he hates freedom, loves tyranny and wants to regulate how many breaths we get each day.

Of course there is despair happening out at work now too.  We were selected for the very prestigious school improvement plan.  Which basically means we get some outsiders to come in and tell us how to improve.  The problem is too many colleagues seemed to take the information too close to the heart.  It is not a personal slap in the face if we (meaning me and possibly you) need to improve something, I promise.  Take if for what it’s worth: an outsiders perspective of what we’re doing.

Everyone needs to calm down.  The world won’t end, nor will all the teachers at my school get fired because things are not happening how we wanted or expected.  As the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, “Don’t Panic!”

Just sayin’!